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Sam Martin

Sam is presently Head of Technology at Geomerics where he works on Enlighten, mostly doing a mix of R&D and contemplating future developments. There he fell in love with lighting as he nurtured their real time radiosity SDK from its conception. In a previous relationship with computational geometry he developed the navigation system behind Lionhead's Black & White 2 - a tale he may put on paper some day. There was also a fling with Lionhead's early core tech team, and he doesn't forget the good old times he had with Intrepid and Kuju London. His relationship with patterns and algorithms is going strong, but the temptations of drumming in samba bands and Cambridge beers have been known to lead him astray.

He's always eager to chat to people. Email him at sam at palgorithm.co.uk.

This blog might not get updated every week, but I shall at least refrain from any of this:

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